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Le Paper, Inc - handmade plantable seed paper and botanical paper with premium printing and letterpress service. And now offering mini-jigsaw puzzle favors which are perfect for gifts, business promotion, showers, etc.


le paper handmade plantable paper
high quality handmade plantable paper by Le Paper, Inc.

Not all paper is the same. You will probably find that there is quite a wide range in quality from papermaker to papermaker. Some papermakers focus on mass production without much concern about quality. This will be evident when you compare paper samples. Paper from these types of makers are usually thin, flimsy, and have a less-than luxurious texture.

In our studio, however, each and every sheet is personally crafted by artists who love paper and have a passion to create beauty from pulp. We take pride in what we make and will not allow any compromises. We have dedicated much of our time over the last several years to perfecting our ingredients and processes so that the outcome results only in the best paper.

We are so confident that you will agree that our handmade plantable paper and botanical paper is one of the best in the market, we encourage you to shop around and request samples from our competition so you can see for yourself. For your reference, we've listed some aspects to consider when shopping for handmade paper:

  • Thickness. For products such as invitations, hang tags, bookmarks, die-cut shapes, favors, coasters, business cards, postcards, etc., the thickness of the paper is very important. The paper should be able to hold its shape well and not slump over when held up straight. (For wrapping paper and/or tissue paper, this does not apply.)

  • Ingredients. The perfect combination of beauty and earth-friendliness is cotton rag. When it comes to high-end paper, cotton has always been considered supreme because of it's pure coloring and luxurious texture. All of our cotton rag comes from unused material left over from textile manufacturing. We do not grow additional cotton for paper making. It is 100% a by-product of the textile industry. We also offer fully recycled paper made from post-consumer waste.

  • Method of Processing. We have seen some paperpermakers cut corners in order to save a little time and cost at the expense of the consumer. To be specific, some would simply take ordinary sheets of office copy paper, cut them up in a large blender, add water and seeds, and then form new sheets of paper out of that. This is not how to make high quality paper! The fibers must be beaten, not cut (as in a blender), in order to form the proper bonds in a true sheet of paper.

  • Texture. This is the forgotten and often underestimated element of beauty in fine handmade paper. We often judge an artform based upon how we view it with our eyes or how we hear it with our ears. But paper has another element: how it feels. The texture of our paper is a determining factor of whether it will pass or fail our quality control. Every time you pick up a piece of paper, whether you realize it or not, your perspective of its quality will be influenced by what your finger tips tell you.

  • Earth-Friendliness. Our papers are completely biodegradable and made from only green materials. Not only are our plantable papers biodegradable, they will actually grow a delightful garden of flowers for your enjoyment! All of our papers are made from either 100% cotton or PCW (Post Consumer Waste) recycled paper. Not a single tree or habitat will be destroyed nor will new land be cleared due to the manufacturing of our paper. Click on this link to learn more about how our all natural handmade paper is earth-friendly and good for the environment.
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