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“People in the wedding business say the eco-friendly or 'green' wedding has arrived,” says Mireya Navarro of the NY Times. More and more couples these days are considering how to plan a wedding or special event in a way that does not take away from the elegance and glamour of the occasion, but is eco-friendly and good for the earth. We'd like to share with you about how our products will help the earth stay green. The following is a list of objectives we have achieved in order to be classified as eco-friendly:
  • Objective #1 - No pollution will be generated in the making of our products.
  • Objective #2 - Production waste in the making of the product must be 100% recyclable.
  • Objective #3 - Nothing can be taken from the earth (no footprint) in order to produce our products.
  • Objective #4 - Our products must be fully recyclable and will not add more waste to land fills after consumption.
  • Objective #5 - Our plantable papers must be made from either cotton rag left over from textile mills or 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste) paper.
We are proud to have a strong line of products that are not just eco-neutral, but are actually good for the earth. Our all-natural handmade plantable seed papers are made of 100% cotton rag instead of tree pulp and will sprout new plants when planted in the soil.

All of our cotton rag comes from unused material left over from textile manufacturing. We do not grow additional cotton for paper making. It is 100% a by-product of the textile industry. We also offer fully recycled paper made from post-consumer waste (PCW).

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Our handmade papers are made completely by hand, not in a large factory or paper mill with large energy consuming machines. Only a minimal amount of electricity is used in the paper-making process and most of the energy comes primarily from human power.

The only waste that comes from paper making is a minimal amount of left-over cotton pulp and water. It takes about 4-5 gallons of water to make a pound of handmade cotton paper. This is a lot of water! Fortunately, we are able to reuse much of the water from each batch with only having to add just a little bit more each time due to loss from spillage and evaporation.

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Our handmade seed paper is made from 100% cotton rag which comes from left over material from the textile industry. Everyone needs clothes, so we can justify the need for textile products. However, instead of having cotton grown specifically for us, we choose to use left over cotton from textile mills in the form of rags. Not a single tree or habitat will be destroyed nor will new land be cleared due to the manufacturing of our paper.

Our papers are 100% biodegradable and are also good for the earth. Not only are our plantable seed papers biodegradable, they will actually grow a delightful garden of flowers for your enjoyment! The cotton pulp biodegrades quickly and will add as a fertilizer to the newly germinated seeds that will form into beautiful flowers if properly cared for.

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We are very careful to use only cotton rag to create our plantable paper. There are several reasons. First, cotton rag is a natural byproduct of the textile industry and helps reduce waste. Second, cotton rag is a very pure form of cotton for paper making and allows us to make beautifully soft and wonderfully textured specialty paper. Cotton rag is truly the best-of-both-worlds for the paper making environmentalist.
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