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Le Paper, Inc - handmade plantable seed paper and botanical paper with premium printing and letterpress service. And now offering mini-jigsaw puzzle favors which are perfect for gifts, business promotion, showers, etc.


le paper handmade plantable paper

plantable botanical paper by seme SemeTM is our unique brand of handmade plantable seed paper colored only by nature! We use white cotton as our base ingredient for the pulp of the paper, however the paper uses only natural botanical coloring, such as rose and flower petals. We have worked hard over the years to develop this incredibly rich textured handmade botanical-colored paper. This thick paper can be used for all kinds of craft projects or do-it-yourself cards and die-cuts. This (and Fioritura) is the line of paper that we use for all of our die cut shaped cards and favors. When the paper is watered, you can watch the paper grow and soon you'll have a delightful array of wildflowers. This paper is not recommended for printing, however our Chiaro line of plantable paper is available for printing. Now available as individual sheets in a variety of colors, sizes, and quantities. Please browse the selection below for currently available choices. (All paper is available without seeds, upon request.)

Custom Sizes Available: if none of the sizes below are what you want, we can custom create any size between 2" x 2" and 18" x 24". You may email us for a price quote (please be sure to tell us the size, quantity, and color you require).

Botanical Paper by Seme




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